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Gift Box: ‘His’ Box

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Delight your Loved one this Valentines’ Day! Choose from our specially crafted ‘His’ & ‘Her’ gift boxes for your special someone’s to light up your beautiful bonds.


1 Patchouli 10ml

1 Lavender Bulgarian 10ml

1 Ceramic Burner

Bulgarian Lavender essential oil

Bulgarian Lavender essential oil has a delicate, floral, herbaceous aroma. It is a great choice for diffusing or using topically by diluting with a carrier oil. It can nourish both the skin and hair and can also soothe and relax the mind deeply. A favorite for inducing restful sleep, Bulgarian Lavender is a must-have for this Valentines’ Day.

Patchouli Benefits

Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli Essential Oil has a distinctive earthy-sweet, musky, soothing aroma which makes it familiar for many people. it is a popular oil for use in perfumery, skincare, massage, and diffusion. It boosts optimism and restores the aura and is a must-have for this Valentines’ Day.

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