An Introduction to Aromatherapy


An Introduction to Aromatherapy

Imagine this. You get to your home after a long day at the office. You walk into the door, and a warm, welcoming aroma greets you. It suddenly transports you to another place. Perhaps, brings back the memory of the rose garden of the villa that you stayed in on your last holiday. Or the Eucalyptus trees from the road trip to Ooty years ago. Essentially, what has happened is that you have forgotten the stress of your work. You have left your deadlines and targets at the door. You are in the moment now. What awaits you is pure relaxation and the comfort of your home. The diffuser you used in the morning, has done its job and your home is still filled with favourite aroma.

What is Aromatherapy

What I have just described to you is basically aromatherapy at your home and the effect aromas have on our wellbeing and our minds. Aromatherapy is the use of naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. These essences in the form of essential oils, come in various aromas, each of which helps with a specific function. It is wonderfully fascinating how they can instantly change your mood, uplift you or calm you down.


How aromatherapy works

Basically, what happens is aromas travel through your nose and hit the olfactory nerves which are connected to the frontal lobe in our brains (see above image). This is the part of the brain that controls major functions such as emotion, expression and memory. It is no wonder that aromatherapy has such similarities with Ayurveda and other forms of healing. After all, if you are able to heal or calm your mind, you can have the strength to take on the world.

In this blog, we will introduce you a series of information starting with each essential oil and their benefits, how to use aromatherapy to cure ailments, reduce stress and what more you can do with natural essential oils. We hope you enjoy the series and also bring aromatherapy into your daily lives.


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