Essential oils to keep colds at bay

It’s that time of year again when many of us are getting struck down with bugs and illnesses.

Prevention is the key to keeping yourself protected from bugs and essential oils are one of the best and most natural ways to do this.

Certain oils help to kill airborne bacteria and have anti-viral properties, these can be vaporised around the home and place of work to help to keep your environment fresh and healthy.

An aromatherapy oil diffuser is a great way to vaporise essential oils as they are not heated and therefore retain all their active, therapeutic properties.

Which essential Oils to use in your ultrasonic diffuser?

Tea Tree is one of the best oils to diffuse to help kill airborne bacteria. If Lemon is added to it then it strengthens the anti-viral properties, whilst enlivening the blend.

Lavender can also be added to tea tree to soften the blend. Both are great for diffusing in homes where someone has a cold or flu.

We have created a special blend to help target bugs, called Prevention.

It is 100% natural and contains an active blend of anti-bacterial and anti-viral oils designed to help support and protect.

  • Prevention Essential Blend

A fantastic blend of essential oils that can help to defend and protect, naturally.

Our Prevention essential blend contains an active mix of Tea Tree, Clove, Lemon and Helichrysum.

Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, Prevention can help to minimise the spread of unwanted bugs.

  • Natural Room Spray with Prevention Blend

This handy travel-size spray can be carried with you and spritzed whenever you feel the need to cleanse your surroundings. Great for keeping in bathrooms, or taking with you when you are traveling.

Stay well this winter!

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