Why we use integral droppers and not pipettes!

Why we use integral droppers and not pipettes!

A lot of people find pipettes very useful. And a lot of essential oil brands do offer bottles with pipettes. However, this is something we consciously avoid. All our essential oil bottles have integral droppers instead of pipettes. Before we get to why lets first see what are pipettes and droppers.


These are long tube-like structures that have a pump on top and uses vacuum to draw the oil from the bottle. You would be able to draw a few drops at a time.

Integral Droppers

These are cap-like structures that fit into the mouth of the essential oil bottle. As the name suggests, only a drop of essential oil flows at a time.

Now here is why we consciously use droppers instead of pipettes for essential oils:

  1. Droppers act as an additional seal. Often high-quality bottles with droppers will not leak, while bottles with pipettes often leak.
  2. If you knock over a bottle of essential oil with a pipette it pours everywhere which can be very dangerous. If you knock over a bottle with an integral dropper, the leakage is very minimal.
  3. Most bottles do not have child-resistant caps. However, if a child accidentally drinks from a bottle with a dropper they get only a few drops inside them, so it’s much less of a risk. A mouth of a bottle with a pipette is fully exposed thereby increasing the risk of the contents being fully ingested.
  4. You often need a steady hand to use pipettes. A lot of our aromatherapy customers are elderly and prefer to use droppers which are much steadier.


Considering the above we hope you would buy your essential oils in bottles with high-quality integral droppers, especially if you have young children at home or have elderly people using the essential oils.

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