5 Reasons Why Organic Lavender Oil is Great for your Skin, Body, and Mind

Lavender Oil For Skin

5 Reasons Why Organic Lavender Oil is Great for your Skin, Body, and Mind

If there’s one essential oil you would have heard of, it would be lavender. Lavender essential oil is perhaps one of the most popular essential oils. Lavandula angustifolia, is the scientific name of the lavender flower which is native to the Mediterranean and Russia.

Not only does the purple lavender plant look pretty but it also has a sweet, floral, and enchanting herbal scent. The essential oil that captures the healing properties of the plant, however, has benefits that go beyond its unmistakable fragrance.

Lavender essential oil is so popular because of its easy availability and versatile uses. Its antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties make it suitable for a variety of purposes that benefit the body and mind.

It really is that one oil that must be part of everyone’s collection.

Here are five benefits of organic lavender oil for your skin, body, and mind

  1. Gets that glow to your skin: Lavender oil is great for treating acne as it kills acne-causing bacteria. It also reduces wrinkles, unclogs blocked pores, and reduces inflammation making the skin look more even-toned and fresh. Use it in combination with other organic essential oils and good quality carrier oils to treat your skin to the best that it so deserves!
  2. Makes your hair lustrous and healthy: With its microbial properties, lavender oil helps the scalp remain clean and free of any bacterial or fungal growth. This prevents dandruff, itchiness, and any other kinds of infections. In the absence of these issues, healthy hair is able to grow uninhibited. Further, its mesmerizing aroma makes it a treat to use in your hair. Waft through the day smelling of lovely lavender!
  3. Brings on the best kind of zzz: Use organic lavender oil in an ultrasonic diffuser or a traditional diffuser and inhale the healing molecules of organic lavender oil to induce the best quality sleep you’ve experienced. Studies have proven how lavender oil is great for helping people to fall asleep. However, it’s not just inducing sleep that lavender oil helps with. It’s also the quality of restful sleep that you enjoy after using it. Some studies have also shown how it has helped in cases of insomnia as well.
  4. Helps to reduce stress: All the focus on competition, performance, and productivity in today’s world has made stress a regular and common feature of life. Coping with stress, however, is something that we can control. This is where that little bottle of lavender oil lying in your cupboard can come to your rescue. This potent oil promotes relaxation, eases anxiety, and induces calm. Smell directly from the bottle or use a little on a handkerchief. Inhale and effortlessly relieve the awful symptoms of stress.
  5. Benefits your body in more ways than one: Believe it or not, but there is ongoing research that suggests that lavender oil has therapeutic and medicinal uses. These go beyond skin and hair care. It can help with respiratory issues and improve blood circulation when used in massage oil. It can also help to treat various skin diseases and minor wounds and cuts.votive candle

What’s special about organic lavender oil?

Remember, that when you use organic essential oil you are choosing a healthier, less toxic, environment-friendly product. Organic essential oils also have lesser chemical interference. This makes their healing properties more potent.

So don’t wait any longer. Get yourself a bottle of pure goodness in the form of organic lavender essential oil.

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